Reading Essentials

Dearest Spiritual Aspirant,

An important part of spiritual growth is reading books which purify the intellect and expand consciousness. In the past, many spiritual aspirants have requested guidance from Neeta and I on what to read to deepen their spiritual knowledge. In the future we plan to expand this section of the web site to provide a more detailed synopsis of each book that we recommend. Some time ago we put a list of books in our online store with a short blurb about what the book covers. I was thinking about it recently and it occurred to me today that that store resource was not intuitively easy to find. So until we get more information here, I've decided to put a quick link to the store here.

Amazon has this nice feature where you can link their materials from your web site. Clicking on the link for a book from out store will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it from there if you like.

With Love,