Service Projects

Annual Adopt-A-Refugee Family Christmas Service Project

Every year during the month of December Soul2Soul Educare conducts the annual Adopt-A Refugee Family Service Project, where the Soul2Soul Educare community adopts 6-9 newly arrived refugee families. These families come to Atlanta with nothing except the clothes on their back and a dept of their plane ticket costs. Soul2Soul Educare's goal is to get them started by providing everything on their wish lists which range from clothing and children's toys to computers and vacuum cleaners.

  1. We collect monetary donations.
  2. Usually on a Sunday, all the people that donate money go together to one department store to purchase all the items on the "wish list" of all the families. We get our children involved so that they can also take part in the selecting procedure of the items. We split groups of individuals into different departments and everyone is given a list of items to pick up.
  3. We check out together - we generally have 14-15 carts full of goodies, and a very long receipt.
  4. The following Saturday, we wrap all the gifts in beautiful Christmas wrapping paper and label/separate the items for the different families.
  5. The next day we go to the offices of the International Rescue Committee (IRC - the organisation that officially helps the refugees come into the US) where we host a holiday party for the refugee families. Here's where we distribute the gifts to each and every one of them and serve them food, drinks and other party fare.

If you want to know more about this year's project, please contact us. Also please refer to our event calendar to see when the next service project will take place.

We are collecting used clothing, kitchen and household items. Please let us know if you can help. Here's a perfect opportunity to clean house, and get rid of some of those items that you have just been hanging on to. Give them to someone who could really use them, rather than them just gathering dust in your garage or basement.

Remember these individuals come to the US with nothing except the clothes on their back and a dept to pay back.

Examples of items they generally need:

Computers Kitchen supplies Toys Bed sheets/Blankets/Comforters
Tape/CD players Vacuum cleaners Baby items - cribs, strollers, diapers, baby bottles etc. Sweaters
Television sets Rice cookers School supplies Winter clothes
Telephones Microwave oven   Jackets & coats
      Tennis shoes

If you would rather just help monetarily, then, you can make a donation.

Thank you in advance for all your kindness and generosity.

Food Bank service Project
Throughout the year, as requested by the IRC, we collect non-perishable food items for the refugee families that newly arrive at IRC. Typically families that donate tend to shop in bulk and donate things like 50 lb bags of rice, etc.

White rice (long rain and regular – most needed)**

Saltine crackers (any brand)**

Tea biscuits (plain cookies – any brand)

Dry/evaporated milk (Nestle brand preferred)

Canned fruits (cocktail and other)


Canned vegetables

Green tea

Corn flakes (any brand)


Curry spice**

Coffee (regular)


Canned spinach

Cereal (any)

Black pepper**


Basmati rice

Dried black eyed peas

Breakfast bars

Black tea**


Vegetable oil**

Dried mung beans


Dried red beans**

Canned diced tomatoes



Dried kidney beans

Dried white beans

Canned tomatoes (any kind)

Sugar (white)**

Chili powder**


Tomato paste

Angel hair pasta

Cassava flour

Mixed spices

Cardamom spice

Other non-food items:
diapers, dish detergent, laundry detergent, sanitary pads, shampoo, and soap.
**items needed for clients of multiple nationalities – greater quantity needed