At Soul2Soul Educare, we periodically conduct free workshops to help people to better understand certain important concepts. Information on some of the workshops that we have conducted are under the events > workshop info menu. For currently scheduled workshops, please refer to the calendar.

Workshops currently offered:

Recording and/or Accompanying Notes Available - click the icon to the left of the workshop

  Anger Management
  Angels, Fairies, Aliens, Wise Ones
  Balancing Your Brain
  Color Therapy & Chakras
  Comprehensive 5 hour Food & Health Workshop to live a healthy dis-ease free life
  Create Divine Magic in Your Daily Life
Click for recording of this workshop Death - what is it, where we go after we die
  Dreams (interpretation of common dreams, why we dream, how to have lucid dreams)
  Eat Right for Spiritual Might - Food & Health Workshop for Spiritual Evolution
notes-icon Eating Your Way to Happiness - Switching to foods that make you feel happy and help your braing function at its peak
  Fairy Tales - Spiritual Significance in common fairy tales
Click for recording of this workshop Feng Shui basics - how to make your home happy and harmonious
notes-icon Get Cultured with Fermented Foods
notes-icon Getting in touch with your Higher Self
  Harry Potter - spiritual significance in the movie The Sorcerer's Stone
Click for recording of this workshop Healing Workshop - Heal Yourself from Illness and Live Dis-ease Free
  Healthy Eating Tips for the Busy Professional
  How to attain good leadership skills
  How to Connect with Your Partner on a Soul Level
  How to reach your full potential and unlock your inner power
  Importance of Devotional Singing
  Marriage - how to have a successful and healthy marriage
Click for recording of this workshop Meditation - step by step guide on how to meditate
  Mirror Neurons (how we learn to behave through imitation)
  Positive Thinking vs Negative Thinking
  Right-brain vs. Left-brain - become more conscious of different modes of thinking and their impact on you
  Rituals & Superstitions
  Samskaras & Vasanas (what is mind, how the mind and its impressions affect our lives, and more)
Click for recording of this workshop Shift in Consciousness - 2012
notes-icon Spiritually Awakened Integrated Parenting
  Story of Stuff
Stress - how to overcome and what it does to you
  Vegan 101
Click for recording of this workshop Why should I be Vegetarian? - the importance of adopting a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle on the spiritual path
  Willie Wonka & the Chocolate factory - spiritual significances in the movie

If any of the above topics are of interest to you and you would like us to come and present a workshop for your group, then please contact us.