Eat Right for Spiritual Might - A Food and Health Workshop for Evolution

This is the quintessential workshop for spiritual growth. As they say, here is where the rubber meets the road. Without ascending the diet, the spiritual aspirant may have some experiences to talk about, but will ultimately plateau in development. As the mind and the body are linked, so purifying the diet actually raises the vibration of the body and the body then supports spiritual growth. Dietary ascension is vital for mental ascension. This workshop depicts an eye-opening road map for spiritual evolution and paints a broad, yet detailed picture of many of the issues involved with food and health in today's profit-driven market.

In this 5 hour intensive workshop, here is what we cover:

How food affects the mind Diseases & Medicine Preservatives & chemicals in food – reading labels
How to obtain basic nutrition from food Meat-eating & mad cow disease Natural Flavors vs Natural Flavoring
The scoop on eggs, mushrooms & roots Organic vs. Non-Organic Ayurveda - eating right for your body type
Free radicals & anti-oxidants Alkaline vs. Acid - balancing dietary pH Home remedies
Cooking demonstrations    

Click Here for the accompanying guidebook to the workshop