The Environment

  Video The Story of Stuff
MovieReel Description

You like STUFF?
Want to know where STUFF comes from?
Where STUFF goes when it turns to trash?
And what it does along the way?

Then watch The Story of Stuff!

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled, humorous look at the underside of production and consumption. It explores the connections between a vast array of environmental and social issues, and points the way toward a more sustainable and just world.

  Video The Vanishing of the Bees
MovieReel Description Can you imagine our world without the bees to pollinate flowers? This site will educate you on this extremely important life-threatening environmental issue.
  Site Direct Marketing Association
  Description Reduce waste by unsubscribing from unnecessary junk mail. Recycling is fine, but reducing is better! Here, for only $1 you can take your address off of junk mail lists.
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  Site Catalog Choice
  Description Reduce Paper! Catalog Choice is a free service that lets you decline catalogs you no longer wish to receive. Reduce the amount of unsolicited mail in your mailbox, while helping to preserve the environment. Create an account, log in, and block out unnecessary waste today!
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  Site Yellow Pages Goes Green
  Description Tired of receiving phone book that waste paper - phone books you don't use anyway? Recycling is fine but reducing is better! On this site you can opt out of receiving them and help preserve the environment!
  Site The Vegetarian Society
  Description What does vegetarianism have to do with the environment? Everything! Did you know that if you became vegetarian, not only would you feel better and reduce your risk of countless serious medical issues, but you could keep your gas guzzling SUV and still contribute less polution to the environment than a meat eater? This site, primarily pertaining to the food issues of vegetarianism, also has a very good article on the environmental benefits of being vegetarian. This article explains how being vegetarian is the critical solution to the environmental impact of our world's growing population.
  Site Why is Mother Earth Crying
  Description An awakening music video composed, performed and created by a 10 year old boy about how man is destroying Mother Earth