Food Issues

Site Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
Description An activist group that stays abreast of the countless issues facing us in the food industry. If you wish to remain more informed on food issues than the average consumer, their newsletter is a strong resource.
Note! To subscribe to the newsletter, look for the "subscribe" link in the top middle section.
Site The Cornucopia Institute
Description This organization is more dairy specific in focus. They are perhaps most well known for ranking the quality of dairy products. This is an excellent resource if you wish to know which organic dairy companies are truly organic.
Note! To view dairy rankings, look for "dairy report and scorecard"
Description This site is a wonderful reference for food ingredients. Log in, create an account, and search through their database to raise your awareness about what the ingredients in your food are for and their impact in your body.
Note! Click the "ingredient search" on the main page to get started.