Movies & Cartoons

  Movie Sweet Misery
MovieReel Description Excellent documentary showing how dangerous artificial sweetner Aspartame is. From its history, to its effects this video is enough to shock anyone into really looking at there food labels next time they shop. Take a good look at this video, it could save lives.
  Cartoon Shift in Action
Cartoon Stickman Description This site promotes The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). They have a really nice cartoon that attempts to capture the spirit of what IONS is doing. If you believe in the force, or maybe you're just interested, take a look! Very cool for kids and adults!
  Cartoon Store Wars
Cartoon Stickman Description A spoof on the popular film series "Star Wars", this short cartoon depicts the issues with organic in a fun way for both adults and children alike. Kids will love it!
  Cartoon The Meatrix Trilogy
Cartoon Stickman Description The Meatrix is a series of online animations that spoofs The Matrix movies while educating viewers about the problems with factory farming and today’s meat and dairy supplies. The film is a humorous and creative satire that uses pop culture and entertainment to educate viewers about the food they eat and where it comes from.
  Video Farm Sanctuary
MovieReel Description Farm Sanctuary has a number of short videos about the importance of removing factory farms and being vegetarian.
  Note! Caution! Some of the videos that they have may be graphic in nature and may not be suitable to young viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!