Veganize and Heal Your Life is a colorful cookbook and health guidebook with over 140 tried and tested vegan recipes (many of them gluten-free) from all over the world that can be prepared quickly and easily…from elegant appetizers to hearty entrées to rich-tasting desserts. (No meat, fowl, fish, eggs, dairy or honey).
Now you can cut your restaurant costs substantially and savor the unlimited culinary possibilities of amazing vegan dishes that will add health and happiness to every meal of the day.
Plus you will learn about the health benefits and origins of a variety of foods, herbs and spices. Also be inspired and enlightened with the latter part of the book filled with Home and Beauty Remedies, Ayurveda and Chakra Balancing Eating.
You will also understand the importance of what food swaps to make for common ingredients such as, sugar, salt, oil, bread, milk and many more.

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Create Divine Magic in Your Daily Life – Book and CD
What if you could find any lost object? What if you could clear all the traffic, just by singing a song? What if all your computer problems could be fixed, with a snap of a finger? Literally! What if you never had to go to the doctor again? What if you could cure insomnia without a sleeping aid? These are just some of the questions this book will address. There are myriads of different day to day problems which can be solved with "Create Divine Magic in your Daily Life". The knowledge in this book will help you lead a life filled with ease, happiness and perfection. The companion CD (sold separately) is full of helpful visualization techniques and powerful prayers, chants and songs which will guide you in creating magic for you and those around you.

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Journey to God – A Musical Tale of Creation, Karma, Cause & Consequence
Great tool for developing right-brained creativity for all ages
Helps children diagnosed with ADD & ADHD
In this 1 hour narrated tale filled with uplifting songs, your children will learn to deal with life issues including racism, bullying, vegetarianism, death, reincarnation, desires, materialism, mental impressions, and the effect of violent T.V and video games. Adults can also benefit from this CD with valuable life lessons including unity, having a prosperous family, dealing with death, and attaining ultimate freedom from the life cycle. Come take this journey with your children, and enjoy exploring spirituality and character building in a fun and joyous way.


Meditation for Beginners
Do you want to meditate? Are you unsure of where to start? This hour-long guided meditation will provide a simple step-by-step method in which to silence your mind and connect with your inner self. There is also a detailed explanation on "Why Meditation is important". The relaxation techniques taught in this CD can also help you to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Visualization-Adventure_Meditations Visualization Adventure Meditations for Children
These meditations will transport you to the far reaches of the earth, and beyond! You’ll meet fairies, aliens, and other wonderful creatures as you traverse forests, deserts, mountains, space, and even take a deep-sea dive. These Visualizations can be anything you want them to be – a unique learning experience, a matchless way to travel, and even a fun right-brained activity for all ages.
Healing-Meditations Healing Meditations
Do you feel tired all the time? Are you sick of going to the Doctor? Would you like to heal a particular illness?
Are you ready to live a life of complete well-being? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this CD set is for you. This Healing Meditations 2-CD set can help you attain perfect wellness in body, mind and spirit. Whether you are looking for a specific healing, a general chakra cleansing, or even a sound healing, there is something here just for you.
Spiritual-Nursery-Rhymes Spiritual Nursery Rhymes
This Audio CD revisits classic nursery rhymes with new uplifting and spiritual lyrics set to musical styles including polka, jungle beats, bluegrass, classical, blues, new age, rock, and pop.
Fun for both kids and adults! Kids will enjoy dancing, playing and singing along to these popular tunes!
Help your children form a strong connection with the Divine with these heartfelt nursery rhymes.