This site receives donations based on the amount of traffic they get each day. All it takes is just a few clicks each day to make a difference.. This is a simple way to do service. Just click one of the images below and it will take you to their site. Then "click to give" for that charity. Click the next tab at the top and repeat for each fund.
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  Video Get Service
MovieReel Description This short film helps us to peer into our inner psyche by showing how a young man is transformed when he is suddenly given the eyes to see the needs of those around him.
  Video We Can Make a Difference in this World
MovieReel Description An inspirational, heartfelt song written, composed and performed by a 12 year old Bharat Sanders showing the importance of service and helping the needy...In Halloween of 2008, Bharat Sanders decided to collect money for the International Rescue Committee (the IRC) for refugees in need instead of collecting candy. In the process he learnt that each and every one of us can make a difference to help all in need including people, animals, plants, Did you know that 80% of the world is impoverished?...Isn't it time we did something about it and made a difference?