Angel Readings

Neeta has been working with the angelic realm for several years. The angels have guided her and her clients in many aspects in their lives including but not limited to:

1. Finding your Life Purpose
2. How to deal with your children
3. How to deal with issues with family and friends
4. How to heal your health issues
5. How to progress on your Spiritual Path
6. How to increase your psychic abilities
7. Issues with your home, moving, feng shui.
8. How to improve your romantic relationships
9. How to deal with financial concerns
10. How to deal with career issues/concerns

Each session begins with an angelic attunement in which your energy is raised where the angels are invited into your presence. Clients can ask questions and receive guidance on different areas of their lives. The answers are given through angel cards and an angel guidance board.

How an Angel Session can help you: When we ask the angels help, every aspect of our lives becomes more magical, peaceful and filled with happiness. Angels love to help us with our spiritual evolution, hence they enjoy healing those aspects of our lives that may be holding us back, eg family, relationships, jobs, children, situations that may be bringing us stress. The angels love to guide us in our life purpose, so that we in turn can help others heal.

When we reach out to the angels, they step right into our lives to provide supreme guidance. They help change our world for our highest good. However, the Angels cannot help you unless you choose to accept their help, because they will not interfere with your free will.

Angel readings are not like astrology, tarot or other divination methods. Connecting with the Angels help us to evolve spiritually. An Angel session is about self-transformation - not about predicting the future. The Angels live in the moment. They say, “Nothing is written in stone as you are constantly creating and manifesting your own reality.”

Before you come to an Angel session, please bring a list of questions that you may want to ask the Angels. Always compose questions by asking if a certain situation or object is for your "highest good" for spiritual growth.

Hence we invite you to come to an Angel reading to find out how the Angels can help you help yourself. Angel readings can be done over the phone or in person.

There is no specified charge for an Angel Reading. Angel readings are paid for through love offering, meaning that you pay what you feel your heart asks you to pay either before or after the reading. To make a love offering, simply click the donate button below.

Please contact us for an appointment.