Energy Clearing and Ghost Busting

Do you feel that you have some unwanted energies in the house that are making you sick, have arguments, lose money or generally feel ill-at-ease?Do you see or hear noises that frighten you or startle you?

You may have a negative entity or a ghost in your home.

We provide this service to help people remove negative energies and entities from their homes and work places. We will come to your house or office, and bring all our clearing supplies with us.

We can advise you on feng shui placement of objects in your house to help you create harmony.


Even if you don't feel that you have negative energies in your home, a general clearing can also be conducted just to purify the environment and raise the vibration so that your dwelling place will become more peaceful and uplifting. However, if you do have negative energies, then this service can be beneficial, especially after a serious illness, a divorce or other inauspicious event.

Energy clearings are beneficial all the time. For example, we do a clearing in our home after each time we have a large gathering because sometimes people unknowingly bring in unwanted entities, negative energies and spirits.



Thank you SO much for coming to our place and cleansing the energy. It feels great!!!! We removed the objects you suggested and can't wait to add crystals when the Crystal Show attends Cobb soon. You guys rock!
~ Vanessa L
Marietta, GA - Sept 13 2018

Neeta and David did the energy cleaning at our house and now we feel very pleasent inside. We know that all the energies if they were there before are gone that not suppose to be there and new positive space with love and joy are created. People should do that for their homes just to feel more secure, clean it up with Neeta and David because they know how to do it, they have the right tools and knowledge about energy fields. We very happy that used their service and definately recommend for new home owners and people who lived in the house for a while and want to refresh and clean the energy! Thank you guys:))
~Evgeny and Yuliya
Atlanta, GA - June 21, 2011

Thank you for the cleansing I don't hear the noises and Katia said "I don't see proof of ghosts any more". Thank you for the magic :)
~Natalia S.
Johns Creek, GA - June 16, 2011


All of these services are offered on a donation basis which means you pay what comes from your heart.

If you wish to schedule a clearing or ghost busting, please contact us.