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Are you thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan? Are you confused about where to start - what to eat? Are you afraid that you're going to have to resort to only eating salads? Are you afraid that you aren't going to get enough protein? Are you afraid that you aren't going to be healthy? Well you're in for a treat! Our vegan cooking classes will open up a new doorway to "delicious and healthy eating opportunities" and help you make the transition in a smooth and easy way!

Meet Chef Neeta: Neeta was born and raised in Hong Kong, China, where she grew up eating and appreciating all kinds of cuisine. She was trained by highly professional chefs in gourmet multinational cuisine in Hong Kong. She has been vegetarian for over 30 years. She is a certified Nutritional Therapist and helps clients in alleviating diseases and health issues through correct eating habits and supplements.

Neeta with her husband David also trained at The Spa Resorts, Spa Village in Koh Samui, Thailand in "Raw Food Preparation".

Neeta takes the challenge of recreating classic International dishes and making them taste delightful when prepared vegan.

Neeta and David are especially interested in healing through food. They extensively study the medicinal benefits of food, and share this knowledge with every handout given at the cooking classes. Their goal is to have people feel revitalized when they walk away from the table.

Also Neeta and David with over 10 years of research and training in the food industry, give participants tips on "what's going on in the food industry today" and "how to change the way they eat - helping everyone become healthier and dis-ease free".

At our vegan cooking classes, the dishes you learn to prepare will be:

1. Quick, Easy, and Practical
2. Sometimes raw, full of nutrients
3. International cuisine - you will learn to cook from all over the world!
4. Healthy and cost effective
5. Meals your family and friends will love
6 Contain mostly organic ingredients
7 Creative and delicious
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At every class, you will learn the health aspects of the key ingredients and how they impact different body functions.

You will learn to make: entrees, main courses, desserts, soups, salads and appetizers. At each vegan cooking class you will learn to prepare 2 to 3 dishes. At $14 a class (which includes all ingredients, handouts and a health class) you can't beat that! Look at our calendar to see a scheduled date for a class and then click on our "Sign up" link to book your space! Hurry, spaces fill up quickly. or Scroll down below and click on the "PAY NOW" button to sign up

location_icon Classes are held on the north side of Atlanta at the "Loving Hut" vegan restaurant at the following address:
6385 Spalding Drive
Suite E
Norcross, GA 30092

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Cooking Class Testimonials

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Amazon Testimonials

"Neeta's book is life changing !!!!! =)"

"I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and have almost every cookbook on the planet about vegetarian cooking, but this one is different. I am actually using it"

"We really enjoyed the easy to understand format, the juicing section called 'Ancient Elixirs & Their Benefits - My Mother's Wisdom' "

"It is packed with shopping information to help you stock your kitchen pantry. There are sections on home remedies and alternative and ayurvedic healing.This may be a vegan cookbook, but mothers can find many tasty dishes here that will appeal to young children."

"It is very well organized so that you can easily prepare meals according to the ingredients that you have on hand."

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