Testimonials - Children

I know you and David will be proud of my daughter for not wanting to have cable and now she is doing everything in her power to make her dad stop watching tv. I read somewhere that if you can make a positive impact on even one person you have made great strides. You have not only made an impact on my daughter but she is striving to pass it on to others. Thanks you both! I am so happy.
~Akila N.
Atlanta, GA - September 1, 2009

I was in U.S 1999 and 2000 at Atlanta. I was attending the Bhajans. and I have been receiving your e-mails on spritual and Bhajans programme. I was praying to Swamy to guide me as to whom to contact. I got idea from Swamy while I was in meditation. (Miracle).. then I have sent a mail to you asking about SSE. I am very thankful to you & Soul2Soul Educare for sending me all the Children's classes lesson plans.
~Gudlur R.
Selangore Malaysia - August 18, 2009

...Oh yeah... guess what? I've been using lots of the things you taught us. Especially, "Nothing is lost in the mind of God" and "dear angel pat my head, and put me to bed." I replace it with my sister if she's talking to me when I'm tryiing to go to sleep. it actually works! :) ha ha ha. I use the visualization techniques you taught Especially on big grades. It really does work. Also, my friend is trying to be a vegetarian because I told her about our vibrations, and what you taught us. She's almost there... Thank you for teaching me everything you have. I feel like I have really changed spiritually. It's going to be so sad when there is no more [children's classes]. :( I'm going to come to all the workshops that start in August. Thank you for everything. I am not just saying that. I really mean it deep down from heart. (and my soul)
~Keshal P. (age 13)
Atlanta, GA - May 4, 2009

My husband and I would like to thank you for bringing such awareness to our daughter. We also want to credit you for all the good stuff we hear from her teacher, friends and friend's parents. My parents and in-laws were amazed to see her doing her prayers and her interest in singing bhajans in our recent trip. We personally see many changes in her lately. We still have few challenges but hopefully they all will go away with age.
~Sumeetha G.
Norcross, GA - May 4, 2009

Kudos to both of you for the incredible hard work and dedication you put into the Children's program. I just got a call from a Catholic friend who attended the program with her two kids and she said they loved it. I had numerous friends and family attend and they were so impressed with the production and the effort & creativity of you, David and Bharat. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
~Mitra S.
Suwanee, GA - November 24, 2008

This is a little message to let you know that what you are doing for all of us is highly appreciated. Just wanted you to know as an observer today, I feel I need to express how wonderful everything is looking, and falling into place. At times I had tears in my eyes watching the performances. The kids are really doing an awesome job, thanks to you guys.
~Priyanka S.
Lawrenceville, GA - November 9, 2008

We really enjoyed meeting you and everyone at the Soul2Soul Educare Class. You are really doing a wonderful job as evidenced by the responses from the students to our questions. Congratulations!!! I thought this was one of the most outstanding Children's spiritual classes that I have seen. On our way back, we listened to your Journey to God CD and thought it was very well done and will share this CD with many people. We had a truly wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again.
Best Wishes,
~Robert Arnett & Smita Turakhia (Author & Illustrator of India Unveiled)
Atlanta, GA - May 18, 2008

You are really doing something good for the kids...I appreciate the effort you have put in my children. Thank you
~Pam H.
Alpharetta, GA - February 21, 2008

Thank you for the constant support, guidance and unconditional Love you have been showering on the kids all along.....
~Aruna A.
Atlanta, GA - September 28, 2007

You can really see and read the influence of what my daughter learns in your class, sometimes I tell my children that they do not participate in class and that if they don't they are not learning anything, maybe I am wrong.
~P. P.
Lilburn, GA - September 9, 2007

I had my annual eye exam last week. I wanted to get contacts so I met with the eye doctor and she was extremely rude to us. Infact I was so upset about it that I was dreading to go see her again for my next appt. This afternoon when I went I chanted the samasta loka prayer that you reminded us to the whole time and when the eye doctor greeted us she had this big smile and spent 45 minutes with me and even cracked jokes with me. Once again thank you for teaching us samastha loka!
~Natasha N. (Age 12)
Norcross, GA - February 12, 2007

On behalf of [my daughters] and myself I want to say Thank You for bringing light and good spirit to the hearts of children. I just can't express my gratitude in words. I am so glad We met You. God bless all your good intentions!
~Irina Y.
Alpharetta, GA - December 24, 2006

Last Sunday's Mother's Day celebration was very beautiful. Everyone was engaged. I really felt God's presence that day. What you both do is very admirable. We all can see the positive impact you and other teachers are having on the children.. It was a pleasure listening to the essays the children had written. We really like to thank you both for the time, effort, dedication and patience you are showing on this seva.
~R. S.
Atlanta, GA - November 20, 2006

Both of my children love your classes and I have sat through Anu's classes as well and really like the holistic approach to teaching. The handouts are very useful too. They are specially enjoying the examples from Harry Potter and Willy Wonka as they can relate to these books and films. Thank you.
~Sudha R.
Suwanee, GA - October 27, 2006

My son is very eager to go to the class each Sunday. Topics and information that he is gathering at the class, and the able guidance that you are providing is the key to his enthusiasm. We are blessed to have such a dedicated group, to be part of our lives.
~Subha G.
Suwanee, GA - October 1, 2006