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It was so wonderful chatting with you. I can't thank you enough for helping me communicate with the Angels. Our reading was BEYOND helpful. Thank you! Thank you!
Amsterdam- December 2015

This is beautiful! Thank you so much! It was definitely good for my soul to see you and to have such wonderful stewards for my [sacred ceremony]! I am noticing its affects already! I am ever-so grateful to know you and your family!
Decatur, GA - September 12, 2012

Iwould like to thank you for making time for me today and the angels for speaking to us and answering my many questions. I really do appreciate everything you guys do. Have a wonderful evening and many times more thank you for you and the angels. :)
~L., V.
Atlanta, GA -
November 9, 2011

I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words and advice yesterday. I have already started reading your book and I love it. I will also begin my first meditation session tomorrow and I will keep you updated on my spiritual progress. Neeta, once I complete all the questions I will schedule an Angel Reading with you via phone at your convenience. Once again, thank you a MILLION times more. I appreciate everything you guys do.
~Vanessa L.
Atlanta, GA - July 27, 2011

Health - Thank you for opening your heart and home to us. We sincerely appreciate it. The love and caring you showered me with and the advice you and David shared, helped me understand my ailment and soon it went away. I think the more I didn't know what it was and feared the more it affected me. After talking to you and David my pain slowly dissipated. By Tuesday I was perfectly fine. ~Meena D.
Atlanta, GA - May 20, 2011

Angel Reading - thank you so much it was a experience of a lifetime. you are truly gifted and blessed. thanks also for the detox information.
Atlanta, GA - May 10, 2011

I love you guys and what you do!! You are such special giving and loving souls!! I am grateful you came into my life! (And we all know that wasn't an "accident"!!!) Thank you for all you do in the world! You are three amazing, inspiring people!!
Atlanta, GA - January 3, 2011

Life Coaching - I came to Neeta for life coaching, as I was seriously lacking coping mechanisms in some areas of my life. Overall I know I am a really anxious person and it doesn't take a lot to stress me out. I frequently fall prey to mental snowballs I create for myself. In the past I have been advised to do yoga and meditate, but it never worked for me and I could never seem to relax long enough to actually reap the benefits of meditation. After a while I would get agitated and just quit. Neeta taught me how to utilise meditation to my benefit with helpful affirmations. The decrease in my stress levels have been absolutely amazing, I feel free and light, as if I can handle anything. I am still going through the exercises and each one teaches me something new that I truly use in my everyday life. This is a must in our stressed worlds, and it will enrich you!
~JM F.
South Africa - November 19, 2010

Angel Reading - Thanks so much for the angel reading you gave me and for your sweet love and energy. You were right on with some of the issues in my life and you helped me understand how to deal with them. I think about what you said every day and work to help not only myself but those around me as well. Thanks to you I am now reading a lot about the angels and find it fascinating. I pray to the angels everyday for guidance and protection and feel them working in my life. I am truly grateful to you and to the angels who are just waiting for us to call and invite them into our lives. I miss you, David and Bharat and the fun times we had together. I do hope to see you all in the near future. Please give the guys my love.
Love and Blessings to you and your work.
~Betty J.
Baton Rouge, LA - November 15, 2010

Thank You as always Neeta for everything you do and for all your ways of uniting the people spiritually.
~Radha Y.
Atlanta, GA - July 26, 2010

I am so grateful for the spiritual thought and effort you made for me to answer my letter and my concerns. I will take the advice and "let go and let God." I'm feeling a lot better already!
~L. B.
Atlanta, GA - July 3, 2010

You all are so creative and have such good ideas. I would love to be able to talk to you to get ideas on how I might teach young orphans as you all were totally awesome. Thanks for all you are doing for children of the world.
~BJ D.
Andhra Pradesh, India - February 25, 2010

You are as always right.Truly your words have the healing touch
~R. Y.
Atlanta, GA - September 17, 2009

Thanks again for everything I also thanked swami for sending me the Sanders as our angels. May god bless you all.
Atlanta, GA - July 14, 2009

I really wanted to say this yesterday but there was not the right moment to do so and so here it is. I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU ALL so very much for everything during the past 9 years! I know that my life would have been TOTALLY different if you were all not a part of it. You have no idea of how much you have helped me to progress on my personal path of sadhna and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. Both you and David were an answer to a very anguished prayer and I always knew you were my “guardian angels”. Though you may not know it, you have helped me in raising my children and get them on a spiritual path. I want you to know that you have had a very great influence on the way I live my life and how my children are and I thank Swami for sending your beautiful family and love into my life. Thanks for all the encouragement that you have given me along the way and your constant guidance.
~Praksha P.
Tucker, GA - May 11, 2009

I used your advice today and am so thankful for it. I had a conference with my daughter's teacher. I was very worried and even wanted to talk to you. Then I said let me see what Neeta would say. I remembered you and David say what you expect is what you receive. I told myself that I should have faith in god trusted that everything will be okay and picked up Journey to God to accompany me on my way to the meeting. Neeta the meeting went so well and I came out thanked god for everything and then thanked you and David and God for allowing you both to be a part of my life
Norcross, GA - November 13, 2008

You are both, very, VERY dear in my heart to me as have been your unceasing flow of positive energy, love and prayers which I believe I have actually "felt" during and throughout this seemingly long and strange trip.
~Victor P.
Atlanta, GA - January 17, 2008

We always look upto you both for as our guide in spiritual path. We are blessed that you came into our lifes.
Venkat P.
Alpharetta, GA - November 20,2007

Dear Ones, As always, your beautiful and heart-felt greetings and prayers for all of us was a happy sight today. Because you are always beaming out from self to SELF and sharing Baba's reality with others, we wanted to let you know how much that inspires us.
~Dorothy P.
Norcross, GA - November 7, 2007

It was lovely meeting you all. I thought I would share a very strong feeling that someone here had, that our event at that hotel prevented something serious from happening in that area. When she shared this with me, immediately I felt that Swami had sent you and David and Bharat there that night so that your vibes would help the situation. I know this does not make that evening better for you, but I hope it is of some solace. You were so centered in the midst of that chaos, I want to thank you for being so understanding and accepting of what was not in our hands.
Melbourne, Florida - October 17, 2007

I really have to thank you a lot for sharing all these things even though we have heard so many Swamis's discourses and read lot of Swami's books, unless the time comes we do not really put them in to practise seriously, it is through you it is like Swami is constantly guiding us.
~Srilakshmi N.
Alpharetta, GA - January 24, 2007

I just wanted to say thank you. As per your guidance, I put the prayers several places around the house and will continue to do so with other prayers that I put around the house. At this point it is peaceful and I am praying that the scorpions will gracefully leave. I have aligned myself again with the flow of life, its just wonderful that I have added the two of you to my circle. Thanks again
Atlanta, GA - October 1, 2006