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"Create Divine Magic in Your Daily Life" Book & CD set
Thank you so much for creating this! I used the vaccuuming technique for rooms when we moved to a new apartment a few days ago (older architecture). I felt a huge difference in the energy after we came back home..
Midtown, GA - February 2016

"Healing Meditations" CD
Thank you for your heart-felt wishes. I wanted to let you know that I chanted the 'Vigneshwara..' stotra that you had taaught through the Healing CD and it kept my fears during my C-Section at bay and the surgery went very smoothly. Thanks to you guys for sharing these . Please keep these pouring in so our routine lives become easier and magical.
Norcross, GA - August 12, 2011

"Journey to God" CD
"Journey to God" CD that [my son] brought last class was awesome. It has amazingly led us back and forth in this journey everytime we hear it.especially the last song was filling the heart and mind with such joy, I hope every kid gets to hear it.
~R. Y.
Johns Creek, GA - November 27, 2007

The "Journey to God CD" is great. Hats off to three of you on that. It was very creative and innovative.
~Sumeetha G.
Norcross, GA - November 19, 2007

I heard some of Journey to God while at work a few weeks ago...excellent!! :)
~Darshana P.
Atlanta, GA - January 24, 2007

Journey to God was really awesome! I liked it very much, though it was audio I could able to imagine the picture...
~Phani K.
Atlanta, GA - November 3, 2006

"Visualization Adventure Meditations" CD

This was exactly what I was looking for my son has been learning Meditation. My son has trouble sleeping this worked so well he fell asleep in the car and then I took the CD in the house and played it and he stayed asleep. IIt also brought up great conversation with him.
- Daniela
Amazon Review-Mar 29, 2015

My children LOVE this CD! When they're tired, grumpy, bored or whatever, they enjoy relaxing on these adventures! My son likes the space one the best!
- Inner Child

Amazon Review- May 24, 2014

my son loves these and we ran out of new ones. When I bought this I wasnt sure but this is now his favorite.
- Heather C
Amazon Review-June 30, 2013

I have been regularly using this CD in my class and my students (age 6 to 15) love it. The journeys the listener takes are truly unique, from a camel back ride in the desert to the depths of the ocean on a dolphins back. There is also a wonderful track where in the listener is transported to the space and far side of the moon. The children in my class find these visualization VERY EASY to follow and deeply relaxing. They look forward to hearing new track every week. I highly recommend this product for every parent. It will surely help foster the child's imagination and also guide them in learning to meditate.
- S.S.

Nashville, TN - April 29, 2013

I tried the Visualization Adventure Meditations CD with one of my autistic patients today and it seemed to help with concentration especially deep breathing. I am not sure he followed the directions and visualizations on the CD, but he just looked at me to cues. So when said breathe, he would breathe and when said lets feel the air in our hair, he was imitating. This should definitely help with listening skills and attention. Thank you so much for the idea.
~Disha M.
Atlanta, GA - February 28, 2011

Today I listened to several tracks on the "Adventure Meditations" CD. It is fantastic... Also, I wanted to let you know, I put your meditation CD on for the kids last night. They listened to the [Journey Into the Ocean]. They had never meditated in their lives, but they absolutely loved it. I told them we can make it part of our regular routine, and they are already looking forward to the next one :)
~Rebecca W.
Norcross, GA - November 15, 2010