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General Testimonials

I had known [Neeta & David] for more than 10 years. Neeta & David are wonderful people who are intelligent, organised, createive and above all completely dedicated to voluntary service activities. They had been doing extensive work on educating, improving kids and adults knowledge on spiritual awareness, moral values and living style with happiness. They are always cheerful, willing to help, put in more than 100% of their efforts in any task they take up.
They had been helping people in eating right, living right, guiding on meditations, educating the kids, young adults. Financially help refugees and performing several other scoal service activities. I would always love to work with them any time on any project..
~Venkat P.
Atlanta, GA - August 29, 2011

We have gained tremedous benefits through Soul2Soul Educare in the last few years. Their teachings include Spiritual Coaching to adults and youth. Conducting food and health workshops and have cleared doubts on number of issues related to the food and health issues. The live demo Vegan classes benefited the community. Vegan awareness shows how to survive even without milk products and still get the necessary calcium and proteins. Dear Soul2Soul Educare team, please continue your good job in coming up with more and more awareness workshops and programmes.
~Suresh R.
Atlanta, GA - August 27, 2011

Neeta and David are two of the most giving people I have ever met. What they offer others and what they do in the world is amazing.
~Debbie E.
Atlanta, GA - August 26, 2011

Neeta & David together bring a powerful sense of enlightment and wisdom. Their individual and collective dedication to learing and teaching a wholistic and fufilling life is inspiring. This dynamic duo get to the core of what it means to live richly in our bodies by experiencing the truth within our souls. Thought provoking, provactive, enriching and soul stirring. I highly recommend Neeta & David to aid individuals and groups to uncover their highest elightened self.
~Jaaz J.
Atlanta, ga - August 26, 2011

Neeta and David are exceptionally talented and dedicated people. Everyone who attends Soul2Soul are benefiting tremendously and will remember these sessions for their entire life.
~Ilya R.
Atlanta, GA - August 26, 2011

We enjoyed the class and are thank you for all the indepth study you have done.
Duluth, GA - March 3, 2011

Your work is very important and very more powerfull than may appear to the untrained eye. I value every thing you give me and to others. I cherish my time with you and to prove that I value it, I am referring people to your webpage so that they can find help where I can't. It's a great journey when one is as well supported by magnificent souls like yours. That is how I see you: a magnificent soul who keeps teaching me the way :)
Amour, Lumière et joie de vivre,
~Claudine L.
Cumming, GA - February 28, 2011

We all really enjoy coming to your events! You and David are doing a great job serving and educating us! Thank you!
~T. S.
Atlanta, GA - February 27, 2011

Neeta and David thank you so much for the Q&A. It was very inspiring. Many many thanks to Bharat (for organizing the spiritual games for the kids). He is an ammaising person.
~Natalia S.
Atlanta, GA - January 25, 2011

It was an awesome New Year's eve event. The decorations and the vibrations were soooo beautiful. I loved your New Year's Meditation. Many Many thanks to you to make my New Year's Eve so satisfying.
Snellville, GA - January 1, 2011

I have been in and out of town visiting grandchildren and my 88 yr old Mom in Chicago. Thanks a million for sending all the links for the workshops you have held. Both of you are extraordinary people and amaze me with your devotion and hard work. This is just a short note of appreciation to say Thanks.
~Priya A.
Chicago, IL - November 10, 2010

Everytime I leave your house I feel so relaxed and like I can breathe again. This is a totally new experience to me and I am loving it. I have been practising meditating, using the words you taught me. It relaxes me a lot and it makes my mind so much clearer...
~Jeanne-Mari F.
Atlanta, GA - October 7, 2010

I have been following your emails for sometime and want to thank you for conducting these events at your home and sharing priceless knowledge with all of us.
~Nika D.
Atlanta, GA - October 3, 2010

Thank so much! It was an honor to visit your home. I am not a vegetarian and the lunch yesterday was absolutely delicious and very satisfying. I did not missed the meat. The produsts so fresh. That is about as good as u can get there. MMM MMM MMM
~Carmen V.
Atlanta, GA - July 26, 2010

Thank you so much for the loving and supportive space your family provided for the retreat Sunday. The nature walk, the shared repast, the warm reception and the wonderful venu all supported our clearing and growing.
~Esther M.
Atlanta, GA - July 26, 2010

Thanks for opening your home on Sunday. It was great meeting so many interesting people. Your home is a haven for greatness. Thanks for sharing it with others.
~Paula D.
Atlanta, GA - July 26, 2010

I just wanted to let you know again that I appreciate your opening up your house to host gatherings such as last night [movie night]. There was great discussion, too. Thank you for who you are and what you provide.
~Mary C.
Atlanta, GA - March 27, 2010

Lee and I are amazed by YOU guys also. You are doing really great work and so giving. And Bharat, you are such a great example to other young people your age. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you three do in the world. As I have said before, I am so glad we connected, and we hope to see you real soon.
~Debbie E.
Atlanta, GA - March 8, 2010

Thanks a bunch for adding me to your distribution list. These events are right in line with my interests and I am so glad we connected
~Prachi M.
Atlanta, GA - February 16, 2010

You guys are amazing, so giving!!! Thanks for all you do. I'm so glad we met!!!
~D. E.
Atlanta, GA - February 16, 2010

Thank you so very much. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for sharing the Shiva Celebrations importance, process and all the details. I quickly read the story it is beautiful. All this coming together right in time & your quick response is Swami's miracle of love & grace.
Nashville, TN - February 4, 2010

Thank you so much for having me at the movie night. I really enjoyed the people and the movie. You are a WONDERFUL teacher blessed by Satia Sai's guidance! I also really enjoyed the Sunday class (the meditation and badjans). I felt like I am back in Moscow with my spiritual group where we sang them weekly in all classes and gatherings.
~T S
Atlanta, GA - January 21, 2008

Balancing Your Brain for the New Age

I appreciate you sending the workshop info on the Balancing your Brin for the New Age. I can't wait to study. I just wanted to send this note to tell Soul2Soul Educare Heartfelt thanks for all that you do! LOVE & LIGHT
Atlanta, GA - October 17, 2012

Thanks a ton for uploading all these files. You guys are awesome. Best wishes always,
Atlanta, GA - October 17, 2012

Thank you so much Neeta! You are doing the greatest service!

Johns Creek, GA - October 15, 2012













How to Connect with Your Partner on a "Soul Level"
I heard your relationship work shop audios, and enjoyed them thoroughly...everything you said made sense to me....and I loved your jokes too!
~S. Rao
Suwanee, GA - March 29, 2012

Thanks for the great resources!! You put so much work into this and it truly shows.
Johns Creek, GA - March 27, 2012

Thanks Neeta!! This is a wealth of information.
~Sumeetha G.
Atlanta, GA - March 27, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for sharing these audios. I wasn't able to join you that day but was very interested in the topic. I enjoyed the conversation very much. Thanks a lot for uploading them!!!
Atlanta, GA - March 27, 2012

We truly enjoyed the seminar. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I really do appreciate everything you guys do. We talked about it all the way home. It showed me things I need to work on as well as things he needs to work on. Neeta you are always super helpful. :)
~Vanessa L,
Atlanta, GA - February 20, 2012



Create Divine Magic in Your Daily Life
...Oh yeah... guess what? I've been using lots of the things you taught us. Especially, "Nothing is lost in the mind of God" and "dear angel pat my head, and put me to bed." I replace it with my sister if she's talking to me when I'm tryiing to go to sleep. it actually works! :) ha ha ha. I use the visualization techniques you taught Especially on big grades. It really does work. Also, my friend is trying to be a vegetarian because I told her about our vibrations, and what you taught us. She's almost there... Thank you for teaching me everything you have. I feel like I have really changed spiritually. It's going to be so sad when there is no more [children's classes]. :( I'm going to come to all the workshops that start in August. Thank you for everything. I am not just saying that. I really mean it deep down from heart. (and my soul)
~Keshal P. (age 13)
Atlanta, GA - May 4, 2009

Yesterday, I looked all day for my credit card. I had not seen it since I went to the hospital for surgery. searched and searched, then I stopped myself since it was really stressing me out and I said, "Ok ...I'll put your phrase to test "nothing is lost in the mind of God".....God I know you will help me find it." ...last night as I was getting ready to go to bed....I went to plug in my phone charger and when I looked down by my nightstand there it was!!!!!!my credit card!!!!!!! I just had to smile and I said, Thank you my wonderful Heavenly Father!!!! felt like a little child who had just been given a loving hug before going to sleep!!!!!
Tucker, GA - February 28, 2009

Wanted to thank you and David for the create magic workshop. Last night I was sharing my notes with my husband and we both were talking about how we have made so much progress in life after coming to the class. Neeta you and David have so much knowledge about how to make one's life happy and you are sharing it with everyone and I cant thank you enough for that. We see more people who wnat to keep their knowledge to themselves even recipes they wont share with others and here you are telling us the secreats to a happy and fruitful life.
~N. A.
Norcross, GA - January 26, 2009

I had a very bad stomach ache for almost 2 months and could'nt even sit up when I had them. The doctor was asking me to try different meds but I had no relief. However after the first day of Soham I never got it again. Thank you.
~Sailaja R.
Atlanta, GA - November 7, 2007

I had my annual eye exam last week. I wanted to get contacts so I met with the eye doctor and she was extremely rude to us. Infact I was so upset about it that I was dreading to go see her again for my next appt. This afternoon when I went I chanted the samasta loka prayer that you reminded us to the whole time and when the eye doctor greeted us she had this big smile and spent 45 minutes with me and even cracked jokes with me. Once again thank you for teaching us samastha loka!
~Natasha N. (Age 12)
Norcross, GA - February 12, 2007

Eat Right for Spiritual Might
Thank you so much! I'm impressed with your knowledge on that subjects on all vitamins - appreciate so much! Will buy and follow the instructions.
~Evgeny S.
Tucker, GA - April 7, 2011

Variant - I would truly like to thank each and every one of you for an amazing, uplifting, inspiring and educational presentation you gave this weekend at the Global Health & Humanitarian Summit. I know that each of those people that attended your talk left with so much more then they started with and they will also take that out into the world. That is the gift you all gave this weekend as Humanitarians. Thank you again for who you are and what you do,
~Brad Olschansky
Global Health & Humanitarian Summit Coordinator
Decatur, GA - April 5, 2011

Variant - Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule and presenting [the workshop] at last weekend’s WIN Leadership Conference. Based on feedback from leadership and program participants, the presentation was very well received. Several participants mentioned that they would really like to attend your healthy eating workshops in the future. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support for NAAAP and for everything that you do for the larger Atlanta community and beyond.
Look forward to future collaborations.
In the mean time, if there is anything NAAAP can do to be of assistance to you, please let us know.
~Prachi (NAAAP Coordinator)
Atlanta, GA - November 12, 2010

I wanted to let you know that after the Healthy Eating event, I have been eating more healthily and shop wiser. I have lost 7 pounds and feel a lot lighter. Thanks for bringing the speakers to us. I don’t drink any sodas at all, even sprite and cut back on sweeteners.
~Sarah H.
Atlanta, GA - July 15, 2010

After your workshop some of my friends expressed an interest to shift to organic and chemical free food.
Atlanta, GA - February 22, 2010

Aju & i enjoyed your workshop. Thanks again for doing the research and sharing all the information with all of us.
Atlanta, GA - February 22, 2010

We had switched to Turbinado Sugar after we met you :-)...
~Pavitra S.
Atlanta, GA - September 21, 2009

by your prayers and Swami's grace...am being a good girl and since the last time we met....i have stopped taking diet coke....what a big achievement....thank you so much.....
~Lalita J.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April, 29 2008

Vitamin Therapy - testimonial:
I thought I should share [my husband's] cure with you. This friday will be his 1st day after detox. He is doing well now. Even last friday he said he could see a big improvement. Once we started the vitamin therapy as suggested by you it was unbelievable. [My husband] is back to normal [...] His [...] problem is better! Thanks so much Neeta for going with me to the Vitamin store and help me thru the whole process. Above all I think all our prayers are working and our life is back to normal now.
~undisclosed ( due to PHI )
Atlanta, GA - April 2, 2008

Thanks for the information. It is very important that we monitor what we consume, given the reckless consumer economy! You are all doing a great job and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you all for being what you are! When I talk to people about SSE, I tell them that "it is not just about learning about our culture, but its more like building a life style; sprituality that you can practice everyday." And people listen intently since that is what most of them are looking for..
~Bindu S
Johns Creek, GA - February 13, 2008

My wife and I once again thank you for sacrificing your time and energy and providing us with such an eye-opening workshop.
~Sudhir P
Jacksonville, Florida - December 9, 2007

Thank you for bringing awareness about the importance of food and nutrition.
~Brenda C
Atlanta, GA - November 20, 2007

Thank you for leading the class for another year. You both have been instrumental in helping us all learn. The influence you have had on our son will help him all his life. Your class on food provided the impetus for moving towards organic and whole foods. Thank you so much.
~Radha G.
Johns Creek, GA - May 25, 2007

This is great Neeta. You guys are doing such good [service]. It's amazing that a few years ago we started talking about organics and natural foods and now you're "experts", passionately dedicated to this cause.
~Asha M
Gainsville, GA - April 25, 2007

We really enjoyed your efforts and passion in conducting the food and health seminar at ISKCON temple. It has made us aware of the basic necessity ie Natural food and technology wrapping around the same, especially from spiritual angle the disturbance caused at all levels of Mother Nature( Environment, and Entities). As we are integral part of Nature we become part of the 'big experiment' and spiritually we are offering the food to the Lord which contain animal products, genetic manipulation of the mother nature, .....etc.
~Pravin D.
Atlanta, GA - April 19, 2007

Thanks a lot Neeta. This will help me a lot to ease into being a vegetarian. You Two made a lot of effort in putting up that seminar and was excellent. I am certain it made changes in everyones way of thinking in some way or another about different aspects of food, you covered.
~Sakina S.
Atlanta, GA - April 19, 2007

I have heard great things about Soul2Soul Educare and while hearing you present about the food workshop my confidence increased and it was like God guiding me to you.
~Suguna C.
Connecticut, NY - March 21, 2007

Feng Shui Basics
Thanks a lot for uploading the audio files and the power-point presentation. I have a lot of interest in Feng Shui and really wanted to be there for the seminar, but was unable to. I was hoping you would upload the audio and was sooo pleased to read your email. And this time you uploaded the presentation too. :-) You guys are AWESOME....and I really mean it. I really have this strong inclination to progress spiritually, but time for me is always a concern. So, when things get a little easier with alternative options like this when I miss the real one; it does get me charged up. Thanks once again!
~Pavitra S.
Atlanta, GA - September 2, 2010

I just wanted to thank you and tell you that I have been blogging GOOD things about u guys and spreading the word about Soul to Soul Educare...You are in Top 10 Spiritual Places, People, & Things in Atlanta [on my web site].
~C. V.
Atlanta, GA - August 30, 2010



























Heal Yourself from Illness and Live Dis-ease Free
Thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday! It was fantastic. I am also enjoying listening to the healing CD's. I feel that with your help, I am on the path to true healing.
~L. B.
Atlanta, GA - October 28, 2010

Thanks a lot Neeta and David! I have not been very actively involved with your school but I attended with my daughter for a very short time and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your effort. I appreciate the time you take to share info with people like me who would never get any time to look into these very important things. I just did not want to miss this opportunity to say thanks to you on all your effort.
Thanks for sharing.
~Aditi S.
Atlanta, GA - October 26, 2010

Thanks Neeta and David for your unselfish services and your effort to help us all in many different aspects of our lives. Learned a lot from your yesterday presentation.
~Sakina S.
Atlanta, GA - October 25, 2010


















The Shift
Thank you so much for sharing this. It is really impressive info, which opens new horizons and give a chance to look into one of the possible scenarios for the near future. In fact, as I was listening to this, I recalled my conversation with one Russian fellow from Siberia in Prasanthi couple of years ago. He had an interview with Swami and asked him if he should move from one Siberian city to another. Baba advised him not to as the face of the Earth and these particular places will change dramatically. Now I can put this conversation into prospective of the Shift.
~Ilya R.
Atlanta, GA - September 29, 2009



























Understanding Death
I'm so glad that Bria and I attended the seminar this past Sunday. I was really a great learning experience. I've been contemplating some of the information and have determined to live a more peaceful life to minimize the Kharma that I owe. It has been a great blessing knowing you all. I look forward to learning more from you, David and Bharat. This journey is becoming more exciting.
Atlanta, GA - August 30, 2011

Thank you so much for doing the death workshop. I totally enjoyed it! The animations were amazing and the whole idea of bringing a computer with movies, pictures and posted messages just adds to the spirit of the workshop :) The most interesting thing during the workshop is that the information you give just flows like "a river". Your seminar is not only words presented, but energy-images presented, meaning that you think in your mind exactly about what you speak, David does the same, his ability to answer questions, basically reading the minds of kids is really unique. The whole group is like one unit and often I had questions asked by other kids and Dave answered everything so clearly :) The information you gave is so full and complete, for me it was matching lost pieces of the puzzle :) I learned all that in a spiritual school in Russia when I was 19, the teachers took us to some of the worlds you talked about in meditations and now 20 years later all those things made much more sense, than when I was a teenager. Lots of things I already forgot. Like the main one that the purpose of our whole life is to raise the vibration to "live" better in the afterworld and hopefully eventually exit the wheel of Sansara. Thank you again for doing such wonderful work!
~Tanya S.
Suwanee, GA - March 3, 2009

























Why Should I be Vegetarian?
Last night I downloaded the audio clips for the Vegetarianism workshop and have started listening to them. As always, thanks for taking the extra effort to create the audio clips. It really helps people like me.
~Pavitra S.
Atlanta, GA - October 22, 2009

Y'all are doing tremendous service! Thanks for sharing [the audio files]...
~A. S.
Atlanta, GA - October 21, 2009